Corporate Insurance Planning & Needs Analysis

You work hard to build your business and we understand the commitment and dedication required to achieve success. With growth comes challenges and you need a financial partner that can provide sound advice and the services needed to help ensure the long-term viability of your business.  We can help you with financial and risk management planning, attracting and retaining top employees and your retirement and succession strategy.

Key Person Insurance

Like many small businesses, your business is probably incredibly dependent on you, and it would be extremely difficult to replace you. Your company might not be able to conduct itself in its usual fashion and could potentially create losses which would not be financed. The same may be true for a key employee of the business. If an insured employee or owner were to become ill, injured or pass away, the benefits payable from a key person disability or life insurance plan could help you to recruit, hire and train a replacement, pay off debt and manage creditors, and reassure your customers that your business will survive.

Business Partnership Insurance

Partnership insurance is also known as Shareholder or Buy/Sell Agreement insurance. When there is more than one owner of a company, it is essential that a Buy/Sell Agreement be in place in order to provide a clear succession plan if one owner decides to leave the company or in the event of their death or disability. Business Partnership Insurance will ensure that there are funds available to purchase the shares of a partner who is no longer active in the business, whether it be due to death or disability.

Executive Health Plans

An Executive Health Plan allows you to own a critical illness policy jointly with your company.  If you are diagnosed with a critical illness covered by the plan a tax-free lump-sum benefit will be paid to your company to help cover expenses incurred due to your absence, including repaying debts and providing the resources to assist you with expenses associated with your illness.  In addition, if you remain healthy and do not need the critical illness insurance, the tax advantages of this plan could allow you to receive back all the premiums paid by both you and your company.

Corporate Insured Retirement Strategies

Your successful business allows you to grow and retain savings in a tax effective manner but faces the possibility of increased taxation on passive income, capital gains and corporate dividends. A Corporate Insured Retirement Strategy provides a great opportunity to diversify your corporate investment portfolio by providing both tax-free life insurance for your beneficiaries, and a conservative tax-sheltered investment that can be used to provide income for your retirement.